Lighting Photography – Production 1


24 footage – Production 1

Editing footage can be very powerful tool to deliver smooth , flowing continuous  information to an audience . Editing can have a tremendous impact on the storyline so  always be aware of your audience.

Don’t be a fear to jump in to action , don’t let you audience sit in traffic and order a cup of coffee. Have your audience engage and interested in your story . Show different angle from your character and your environment .Don’t be afraid to break down the rules.

Be aware of you setting , how your character fit in that space and how it can help your story develop. Make sure everything you show in the frame is intentional  and has a purpose for being in the shot.

Lastly, show someone your work , let them watch it , critique  it , destroy it and spit back out in your face. This will help you see things in a different perceptive and it might give you new ideas and approaches  for your final piece.

Critiques & The process of Design- First year seminar.

A critique is an oral or written  discussion use to analyze , describe , and interpret works of art .

Critique process

  1. Describe – Tell exactly what you see.
  2. analyze- use the elements / principles to reflect upon the art form.
  3. Interpret – what is the artist trying to say
  4. Evaluate – How successful or important is the work of art.

Usually criticize art in the context of aesthetics or theory of beauty. Artistic art movements .


Process of Design

Design fulfills a need or purpose and its carried out purposely thus, it is not random or arbitrary.


“How Great Leaders inspired action”- First year seminar.

Is important to me to create meaningful art and for my art to have a purpose. My desire  is to create things that inspired me and hopefully inspired others. The existence of my art should be the most important thing to me and that why I believe is necessary to have a goal on mind on how you are going to approach your success in your art. If you keep firm to your believe an truthful , there will be a niche of people who will follow.