PHOTO QUOTE- Photography 1

photoIn this photograph my Quote to tell a story was ” If you cut into the present the future leaks out”. There were many ways you can interpret the quote. The way i decide to go about representing this was to have a man with a huge tv , with random words across off it , I got this idea when I was reading up about the writer of this quote about a method artist and writer use called the ” Cut – up method” where you  would cross out words from paragraphs or sentence to come up with a new sentence or random things you gather to convey a new meaning.


Up , Up , Up

levatationIn this Photograph I decide to use a  street lamp to have my subject elevate above it , I had my subject do a pose to look as she was mediating and that the power of her well being and meditation aloud her to elevate herself to more positive things.

Coffee Run Critique-Production 1

Making the “Coffee Run” was different , exciting and hard project. One of the reason for is difficulty was time management ; time management played a big part on this video project due to it had to be done in a group. All of us tried to make efforts and to meet up  and  film but with work, social life, and school it was hard to set up time to film. Our plot of our film was based on a young man sitting in a park enjoying his evening with a cup of coffee went out of nowhere thief comes and steals his coffee and then embarked an epic chase. One of the things we keep in mind was continuity , lighting , framing , and audio it was important for us to beware of this and try to make the best possible results.