First Year Seminar- PGS

notebook .jpgThis is a poster with 10 tips for art students , this list is of helpful tips for students to succeed in art school especially . I created this list with a notebook background to make it seem like this was pass down to other art students and that someone wrote this to help other students do better in school.  I go by these list because I believe  following this you can experience a better environment in art school.


Photography – Final

compositecomposite-numbers1.  Zac feeding the plant

2. Picture frame

3.painting plate


5. Jack Daniels fire


7. magazine

8. Tortilla


10.cookie jar

11. Uno cards

12.honey jar

13. Zac with juice

14. butter on a plate

15. muffins


17. Zac holding thing up

18. cup

19. juice

20. Zac reading magazine