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CRitique write up

The Boy who Cried Wolf

Steel plate etching and  nitric acid                                                                     Assignmen#4

For this assignment, we had to develop a composition that included 3 areas of tones. The composition must have depth, intrigue details. By using a fume hood and safety equipment. We have to etch into a steel plate the line work. After we use aquatint to create tones into the drawing.  The requirements were to develop a strong composition with fine detail as well as 3 areas of tone. For my piece, I drew a scene of the fable The boy who cried wolf. Some of the things that met the outline requirements were the intrigue line work. The wolf’s head has a lot of lines moving in different directions to represent the fur. I also add line details like stars in the night sky. Another, an observation I made is that I didn’t meet all the requirements for tone. I have a gray tone on the shirt and hair and mountains. What I would have done differently is add more tone values to the moon to make it look like craters. I feel like adding these details would have completed my composition and made it more cohesive.

My investment in this project was well managed. I miss the first day where the student got their steel plates and painted the aquatint on the plate. I sent my drawing/design via email to my professor to get feedback on things I could do better.  I drew a couple more sketches and came up with one that I like best. Next, over the weekend I etched my drawing onto the steel plate. In class, we spray the plate as well as dipped in acid.  On Monday morning me and my classmate when to the acid room with Vav and did the tones dips.  In class and later that afternoon I started the printing process. It took a lot of time to get the prints to all come out very similar.

In the future, what I would do differently is label my wet paper bag. I thought that putting a fail print on top of my paper bag of prints would express that this paper is someones. I ended up using the paper provided by the instructor for my final prints.

For this assignment, I looked at artists like Goya and Paula Rego. I mostly inspired by Paula Rego’s beautiful, delicate etchings. Rego’s drawing reminded me of watercolor paintings with ink line work. My favorite series of her is the “Nursery Rhymes”. Her visual aesthetics are so intriguing and mysterious. I really enjoy children books and nursery rhymes and looking at Rego’s drawing reminded me of the fun times I spend working as a preschool/infant teacher. I worked as a preschool teacher for 5 years during the summer and school year. I loved reading to the children and singing songs with them.


I choose the fable ” the boy who cried wolf”. I really like this story because it teaches children that there are consequences to lying and even if think the lie is just a funny joke, it can sometimes affect the people you tell lies to. I came across something very interesting about this fable, according to Po Bronson and Ashley Merriman. “Recent educational experiment suggested that reading “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” increased children’s likelihood of lying.  Many teachers use this fable to teach children about the consequences of lying, but it seems that somehow this fable encourages children to lie.

My plan with this print series is to send one them to the school I worked in as a gift to the children and wonderful teachers I met.


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Screen printing critique

Blue Terra Cotta

Screen printing


For this assignment, we had to rebuild the Main Street of Alfred. We had to select one building on the street and create a limited edition screen-print.  The requirements for this assignment was to have a minimum of three screen layers. A photographic, a hand drew that focused in line work, and one cut out. We could also add more layers for added interest. We also need to illustrate a unique perspective or angle of the building. I choose to take a worm’s eye view photograph for my building.

Areas of improvement that didn’t mean the requirements would be registration. It was tricky to get the cuts out exactly where I wanted. I use the tips of using tape/card to get the same position, but it was still difficult to get the image on the same spot each time.

For this assignment, I looked at the different artist like Ed Ruscha, Laurie Hastings, Clare Halifax, and Charlie Barton. I spend two full Fridays in the printing room playing around with colors and practicing different techniques and layouts. In the future, I would approach this assignment with a carefree attitude. I would like to experiment more and create different things and add more layers.

For this screen printing, I picked the terracotta building. This building is located in Main street Alfred. Terra Cotta Building is a historic office building. It was built in 1892 by the Celadon Terra Cotta Co. It is a one-story, 16-foot-wide, it is almost entirely made out of terracotta bricks.  For my photograph, I wanted to make this small little building gigantic.  I achieve this by having a worm’s eye view that looked up towards the building.  The colors used in the prints were primary colors, with a mix of greens, purple and pink. I use blue for the photographic layer of the building. The original Terra Cotta colors are a mix of orange and reds. If I had chosen, the original colors of the building it would be identifiable right away. Instead, I used blue which is the opposite color of orange.

Overall, this assignment taught me a lot about patience and precision. I learned to commit to my idea and go with the flow. I enjoyed the process of printing making and making art in so many different ways and techniques. I can’t wait to have my own screen printing kit to make designs for bag and t-shirts.